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Stirrer test

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Stirrer test


A stirrer test is performed in the Oroboros O2k for quick evaluation of the performance of the OroboPOS and for dynamic calibration. Stirring is stopped in both chambers and restarted after a selected period. The default period is 30 s, for experiments at 37 °C. At lower experimental temperature, this period should be prolonged (60 s at 25 °C). In the SOP (O2k Quality Control) for the O2 sensor test, the stirrer test is performed in the 'open' chamber in conjunction with Air calibration. In general, the stirrer test can be performed equally with an open or closed chamber. Upon automatic re-start of the stirrer (On), the increase of the oxygen signal should be rapid and monoexponential.

Abbreviation: F9


DatLab 7

The stirrer test is initiated by pressing [F9] in DatLab or from the "Oroboros O2k" drop down menu.


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