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Name Anastasiou Dimitrios,
Institution Cancer Metabolism Laboratory

The Francis Crick Institute

Address The Ridgeway, NW7 1AA
City London
Country United Kingdom
O2k-Network Lab UK London Anastasiou D



Fets 2022 Commun Biol2022Fets L, Bevan N, Nunes PM, Campos S, Dos Santos MS, Sherriff E, MacRae JI, House D, Anastasiou D (2022) MOG analogues to explore the MCT2 pharmacophore, Ξ±-ketoglutarate biology and cellular effects of N-oxalylglycine.
Fets 2018 Nat Chem Biol2018Fets L, Driscoll PC, Grimm F, Jain A, Nunes PM, Gounis M, Doglioni G, Papageorgiou G, Ragan TJ, Campos S, Silva Dos Santos M, MacRae JI, O'Reilly N, Wright AJ, Benes CH, Courtney KD, House D, Anastasiou D (2018) MCT2 mediates concentration-dependent inhibition of glutamine metabolism by MOG. Nat Chem Biol 14:1032-42.


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