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From Bioblast

Create an abstract page

To create an abstract page with this form, just type "Surname_2012_Abstract Eventname" (e.g. Mueller_2012_Abstract IOC72) into the box below (Mueller is the presenting author, and does not have to be the first author in the reference; see example below).
  • Do not use umlauts or accented letters. These should be written as: ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, é=e; â=a; æ=ae, å=aa, ø=oe.

Example: Mueller_2012_Abstract IOC72
Presenting author: Mueller
Year of event related to the abstract: 2012_Abstract
Event = IOC72

Detailed guidelines

* Ctrl+Click to open help page in separate window: Help:Publications and abstracts