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O2k-WorldWide: MiPNet Reference Laboratories

Experienced users of the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k are invited to join as MiPNet Reference Laboratories, extending the network on high-resolution respirometry. MiPNet Labs are listed below with links to homepages, Email addresses, MiPNet Events and O2k-Publications.

O2k-WorldWide MiPNet: ······» Africa

····················» America
···································» Asia and Australia
································································» Europe

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Asia and Australia


MiPNet Reference Laboratories WorldWide

Mitochondrial Physiology Network – MiPNet

  • MiPNet combines the expertise of various laboratories by sharing user-innovations to extend O2k and O2k-MultiSensor applications.
  • Exchange of methodological details of Oxygraph-2k applications with other MiPNet laboratories.
  • As a MiPNet Lab, you may be contacted for technical advice on applications of the O2k and high-resolution respirometry. You may offer the possibility to view the performance of the O2k.
  • Special access to software updates of DatLab - www.oroboros.at .

Please advise which information should be added, edited or excluded on your MiPNet page.

>> Invitation to join as a MitoGlobal Player

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