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MitoGlobal Events
MiPschool 2023


8th MiPconference on Mitochondrial Physiology and Pathology

 MiP2011, Bordeaux, France    -    2011 Sep 05 - 08   -   Organizer: Rodrigue Rossignol (Bordeaux, FR) 

Affiche MIP2011.jpg

Format and Scientific Program

MIP2011 includes 6 scientific sessions, 1 MiPart event and the traditional WALK & TALK to promote respiration. All talks will follow the successful format of MiPconferences: 10+5 min.

At the end of every session a general discussion of 30 min will address key issues raised by the speakers and participants of the discussions.

Scientific presentations

Here you can find the list of all scientific presentations, including poster numbers: FILE (pdf, 131kb)

We accept all poster formats.

Important dates

  • 2011-06-15 Abstract submission
  • 2011-07-15 Early registration fee, feedback on abstracts before that date.
  • 2011-09-05 MiP2011 arrival in Bordeaux - Welcome.

MiP2011 Daily schedule.png

Location, Accomodation, Registration and Abstracts


Agora du Haut-CarrΓ© - Domaine du Haut-CarrΓ© 43 rue Pierre Noailles 33400 TALENCE (France)



1) TENEO SUITES: Convenient and affordable accomodation is located at less than 10 min walking distance from the Agora. Ténéo Suites Talence, Talence - 8, Allée Du 7Ème Art, Talence , 33400 - 60 euros per room night for a 2 persons studio (i.e 30 euros per person per night). A 4 person apartment can be reserved for 90 euros (i.e 22 euros per person per night).

Please make reservations at (choose Talence on the left scrolling button): http://www.teneo.fr/


2) HOTEL ARENA BORDEAUX - 7, allΓ©e des Demoiselles 33170 GRADIGNAN Tel : Fax :

New hotel. Located 2 km from the conference venue (30 min walk / 6 min by car / 22 min by bus). 45 euros per night (room for 2 persons); 180 euros for 4 nights and for 2 persons. http://www.hotel-arena-bordeaux.com/fr,1,8127.html


3) BORDEAUX CENTER: Several other hotels are available in the historical centre of Bordeaux near the conference venue (10 min by direct tramway). http://www.bordeaux-tourisme.com/pl/hotels.pl?lg=uk

Place comedie.jpg

Registration and Fees


(1) Student (PHD students): EURO 270.-  !! No student registrations after 2011 July 15 !!

(2) Standard (postdocs, researchers...): EURO 370.-  !! EURO 470.-- after 2011 July 15 !!

Fees cover registration to the meeting, all meals, coffee breaks, MiP Walk & Talk (bus transfer) and MiP Gala Dinner (including bus transfer and dinner). Bank transfer information is provided on the registration form.

Upload Abstracts and Registration form

  • Abstract format
  • Upload your abstract (2011-06-15) and registration file (2011-07-15), and your selected MiPart image.


A special issue of the International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (IJBCB) will be dedicated to Mitochondrial Physiology and Pathology selected themes: Mitochondria and Circulation / Mitochondria and the Brain / Exercise, Energy Balance and Mitochondria


A special issue of Mitochondrion will be dedicated to Mitochondrial Physiology and Pathology selected themes: Dynamics, Turnover and Apoptosis / Mitochondrial genetics and diseases / Mitochondria, Stem cells and Cancer


Please also check our supporting journals at: http://dmm.biologists.org http://dev.biologists.org http://jcs.biologists.org http://jeb.biologists.org http://www.biologists.com


MIPthanks to Sponsors poster low.jpg

Social Events

MIP has a tradition of welcoming its members and Bordeaux is the ideal place to enjoy a beautiful city with great gastronomy. In MiP2011 we include:

Walk & Talk: bus transfer and afternoon walk at the regional natural ornithologic park (Le Teich) www.parc-ornithologique-du-teich.com/.

Wine testing, of course: visit of Chateau Le Taillan MΓ©doc and Wine testing. Gala diner. http://www.chateaudutaillan.com/

On-site wine delivery: great Bordeaux wines selected for you by "La Caisse de 12" will be available at the registration (fill the form found in your bag and get your wine on the 7th 8pm at the registration). http://www.lacaissede12.fr/

MiPart exhibition on the theme "Vital Energy" Flyer NRJ Vitale.jpgVerso flyer2.jpg

Tourism in Bordeaux


MitoGlobal Event

Publications in the MiPMap

Bordeaux FR, 2011 Sep 05-08. Mitochondrial Physiology Conference

MiP (2011-09-05) MitoGlobal



ORO, 2011 

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