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Kleinert 2018 Lancet

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Kleinert S, Horton R; Editors of the Lancet family of journals (2018) Preprints with The Lancet: joining online research discussion platforms. Lancet 391:2482-3.

Β» PMID: 29976456 Open Access

Kleinert S, Horton R; Editors of the Lancet family of journals (2018) Lancet

Abstract: From June, 2018, the Lancet family of journals are starting a 6-month trial in collaboration with the freely accessible preprint platform SSRN, which has been part of Elsevier since May, 2016. With this pilot, we are interested to see whether health and medical researchers are ready for this form of sharing work early in the research or publication process. As defined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), β€œa preprint is a scholarly manuscript posted by the author(s) in an openly accessible platform, usually before or in parallel with the peer review process”.1

Authors of all research papers submitted to any Lancet family journal, including EBioMedicine and EClinicalMedicine, will be asked at submission whether they would like their paper to be posted to a dedicated area of SSRN called Preprints with The Lancetβ€”an opt-in option that is free and that all co-authors have to agree to. If the corresponding author confirms that all authors agree and opts in, we will transfer the paper and its meta-data to SSRN for their initial checks and for classification before an additional check by a Lancet editor. The initial checks will be the usual SSRN checks and, in addition, checks that the funding source and declaration of interests are included, and if the submission is a trial, that there is a trial registration number. Our editor will check whether the trial has been registered prospectively and whether the authors mention ethical approval or why the research is exempted from ethical review board approval. A second possible route of submission to Preprints with The Lancet would be through SSRN's submission site directly, with the same checks applied as above. These preprint papers are not peer reviewed and the editorial checks are for transparency and appropriateness only. Preprints can describe ongoing research or research that is at submission stage. β€’ Keywords: Preprints β€’ Bioblast editor: Gnaiger E


  1. Committee on Publication Ethics (2018) Discussion document on preprints. COPE Discussion Document https://publicationethics.org/files/u7140/COPE_Preprints_Mar18.pdf.



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