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Journal title and website Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research


Schleier 2020 J Cardiovasc Transl ResSchleier Y, Moreno-Loaiza O, LΓ³pez AlarcΓ³n MM, Lopes Martins EG, Braga BC, Ramos IP, Galina A, Medei EH (2020) NOD mice recapitulate the cardiac disturbances observed in type 1 diabetes. J Cardiovasc Transl Res 14:271-82.2020PMID: 32468298
Scheiber 2018 J Cardiovasc Transl ResScheiber D, Zweck E, Jelenik T, Horn P, Albermann S, Masyuk M, Boeken U, Saeed D, Kelm M Roden M, Szendroedi J, Westenfeld R (2018) Reduced myocardial mitochondrial ROS production in mechanically unloaded hearts. J Cardiovasc Transl Res 12:107-15.2018PMID: 29589269
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