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Journal title and website iScience


Lhuissier 2024 iScienceLhuissier C, Desquiret-Dumas V, Girona A, Alban J, Faure J, Cassereau J, Codron P, Lenaers G, Baris OR, Gueguen N, Chevrollier A (2024) Mitochondrial F0F1-ATP synthase governs the induction of mitochondrial fission. iScience 27:109808. 38741710 Open Access
Damgaard 2022 iScienceDamgaard MV, Nielsen TS, Basse AL, Chubanava S, Trost K, Moritz T, Dellinger RW, Larsen S, Treebak JT (2022) Intravenous nicotinamide riboside elevates mouse skeletal muscle NAD+ without impacting respiratory capacity or insulin sensitivity. 25:103863. PMID: 35198907 Open Access
Burtscher 2020 iScienceBurtscher J, Cappellano G, Omori A, Koshiba T, Millet GP (2020) Mitochondria - in the crossfire of SARS-CoV-2 and immunity. iScience 23:101631.2020PMID: 33015593 Open Access
Sanchez-de-Diego 2019 iScienceSΓ‘nchez-de-Diego C, Artigas N, Pimenta-Lopes C, Valer JA, Torrejon B, Gama-PΓ©rez P, Villena JA, Garcia-Roves PM, Rosa JL, Ventura F (2019) Glucose restriction promotes osteocyte specification by activating a PGC-1Ξ±-dependent transcriptional program. iScience 15:79-94.2019PMID: 31039455 Open Access
Chen 2018 iScienceChen YC, Cheng TH, Lin WL, Chen CL, Yang WY, Blackstone C, Chang CR (2018) Srv2 Is a pro-fission factor that modulates yeast mitochondrial morphology and respiration by regulating actin assembly. iScience 11:305-17.2018PMID: 30639852 Open Access
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