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CZ Prague Kalous M

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Department of Cell Biology

Faculty of Science

Charles University

Address Albertov 6

Prague 2, 128 43

City Prague
Country Czech Republic
Contact Kalous Martin
Team Kasik Petr, Arnostova Petra, Kovalcikova Jana, Zurmanova Jitka
Team previous
Status 2 Power-O2k 2012-
Oroboros Events MitoEAGLE 2017 CZ, IOC76, IOC61


Manakov 2018 J Physiol Biochem2018Manakov D, Kolar D, Zurmanova J, Pravenec M, Novotny J (2018) Changes in the activity of some metabolic enzymes in the heart of SHR rat incurred by transgenic expression of CD36. J Physiol Biochem 74:479-89.
Kovalcikova 2018 Thesis2018Kovalčíková J (2018) Functional characterisation of new components of mitochondrial proteome. PhD Thesis p104.
Pecinova 2017 Oxid Med Cell Longev2017Pecinova A, Drahota Z, Kovalcikova J, Kovarova N, Pecina P, Alan L, Zima M, Houstek J, Mracek T (2017) Pleiotropic effects of biguanides on mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production. Oxid Med Cell Longev 7038603.
Cockova 2017 Thesis2017Čočková Z (2017) Modulation of RNA demethylase FTO function in SH-SY5Y cells: the effect on insulin signaling and mitochondrial respiration. Diploma Thesis p70.
Valis 2017 Oncotarget2017Vališ K, Grobárová V, Hernychová L, Bugáňová M4, Kavan D, Kalous M, Černý J, Stodůlková E, Kuzma M, Flieger M, Černý J, Novák P (2017) Reprogramming of leukemic cell metabolism through the naphthoquinonic compound Quambalarine B. Oncotarget 8:103137-53.
Neckar 2017 Clin Sci (Lond)2017Neckar J, Svatonova A, Weissova R, Drahota Z, Zajickova P, Brabcova I, Kolar D, Alanova P, Vasinova J, Silhavy J, Hlavackova M, Tauchmannova K, Milerova M, Ostadal B, Cervenka L, Zurmanova J, Kalous M, Novakova O, Novotny J, Pravenec M, Kolar F (2017) Selective replacement of mitochondrial DNA increases the cardioprotective effect of chronic continuous hypoxia in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Clin Sci (Lond) 131:865-81.
Melenovsky 2016 Eur J Heart Fail2016Melenovsky V, Petrak J, Mracek T, Benes J, Borlaug BA, Nuskova H, Pluhacek T, Spatenka J, Kovalcikova J, Drahota Z, Kautzner J, Pirk J, Houstek J (2016) Myocardial iron content and mitochondrial function in human heart failure: a direct tissue analysis. Eur J Heart Fail 19:522-30.
Drahota 2014 Physiol Res2014Drahota Z, Palenickova E, Endlicher R, Milerova M, Brejchova J, Vosahlikova M, Svoboda P, Kazdova L, Kalous M, Cervinkova Z, Cahova M (2014) Biguanides inhibit Complex I, II and IV of rat liver mitochondria and modify their functional properties. Physiol Res 63:1-11.
MiPNet18.04 IOC762013-05-28
Prague CZ, 2013 May 28-29. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) and O2k-Fluorometry, IOC76. O2k-Network Lab »CZ Prague Kalous M.
Palenickova 2011 Physiol Res2011Palenickova E, Cahova M, Drahota Z, Kazdova L, Kalous M (2011) Inhibitory effect of metformin on oxidation of NADH-dependent substrates in rat liver homogenate. Physiol Res 60:835-9.


Brazdova 2017 MiP20172017
Brazdova Andrea
Pleiotropic effects of biguanides on mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production.
Kovalcikova 2017 MiP20172017
Kovalcikova Jana
Mitochondrial protein TMEM70: key role in the biogenesis of ATP synthase verified in a mouse knockout model.
Mracek 2014 Abstract MiP20142014Function of mitochondrial energy provision apparatus is compromised in patients with chronic heart failure. Mitochondr Physiol Network 19.13.


We are very happy with two OROBOROS machines in our experiments and also during teaching in practical courses. High sensitivity of the instrument with a smart software combined with a very nice personal support is an excellent result of the excellent group of OROBOROS. Jitka Zurmanova (2015-08-28)

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