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Vera Vives 2022 MitoFit

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Vera Vives 2022 MitoFit

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Vera-Vives AM, Perin G, Morosinotto T (2022) The robustness of NextGen-O2k for building PI curves in microalgae. published in Bioenerg Commun 2022.19.

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The robustness of NextGen-O2k for building PI curves in microalgae »Watch the presentation«

Vera Vives Antoni Mateu, Perin Giorgio, Morosinotto Tomas (2022) MitoFit Prep

Abstract: Morosinotto 2022 Abstract Bioblast The rate of oxygen evolution provides valuable information on the metabolic status and the photosynthetic performance of a cell, and it can be quantified by means of a photosynthesis-irradiance (PI) curve. Up to now, the construction of PI curves of unicellular organisms based on oxygen evolution has been difficult and time consuming due to the lack of sensitive instruments. Here we describe the set up of a reproducible method for constructing PI curves based on oxygen evolution using low amounts of sample in the microalga Nannochloropsis gaditana, easily translable to other algal species. Keywords: photosynthesis, microalgae, oxygen evolution Bioblast editor: Tindle-Solomon L O2k-Network Lab: IT Padova Morosinotto T

ORCID:ORCID.png Vera Vives Antoni Mateu, ORCID.png Perin Giorgio, ORCID.png Morosinotto Tomas


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Supported by project NextGen-O2k which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 859770.


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Organism: Plants 

Preparation: Chloroplasts 

HRR: Oxygraph-2k, NextGen-O2k 

Algae, Chlamydomonas, Bioblast 2022, Photosynthesis