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US PA Philadelphia Baur JA

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine,Smilow Center for Translational Research
Address 3400 Civic Center Blvd, 19104
City Philadelphia
State/Prov Pennsylvania (PA)
Country USA
Contact Baur Joseph A
Team Luongo Timothy, Mukherjee Sarmistha, Perry Caroline, Doan Khanh
Team previous
Status 2 Power-O2k 2011-
Oroboros Events IOC162 Schroecken AT
Topics NAD, Sirtuins, Metabolic flux


Song 2024 Commun Biol2024Song A, Zhao N, Hilpert DC, Perry C, Baur JA, Wallace DC, Schaefer PM (2024) Visualizing subcellular changes in the NAD(H) pool size versus redox state using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy of NADH. Commun Biol 7:428.
Doke 2023 Nat Metab2023Doke T, Mukherjee S, Mukhi D, Dhillon P, Abedini A, Davis JG, Chellappa K, Chen B, Baur JA, Susztak K (2023) NAD+ precursor supplementation prevents mtRNA/RIG-I-dependent inflammation during kidney injury.
Mukherjee 2021 JCI Insight2021Mukherjee S, Mo J, Paolella LM, Perry CE, Toth J, Hugo MM, Chu Q, Tong Q, Chellappa K, Baur JA (2021) SIRT3 is required for liver regeneration but not for the beneficial effect of nicotinamide riboside. JCI Insight 6:e14719.
Chandramouleeswaran 2020 PLoS One2020Chandramouleeswaran PM, Guha M, Shimonosono M, Whelan KA, Maekawa H, Sachdeva UM, Ruthel G, Mukherjee S, Engel N, Gonzalez MV, Garifallou J, Ohashi S, Klein-Szanto AJ, Mesaros CA, Blair IA, Pellegrino da Silva R, Hakonarson H, Noguchi E, Baur JA, Nakagawa H (2020) Autophagy mitigates ethanol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress in esophageal keratinocytes. PLoS One 15:e0239625.
Jaiswal 2019 Mol Metab2019Jaiswal N, Gavin MG, Quinn WJ 3rd, Luongo TS, Gelfer RG, Baur JA, Titchenell PM (2019) The role of skeletal muscle Akt in the regulation of muscle mass and glucose homeostasis. Mol Metab 28:1-13.
Sims 2018 JCI Insight2018Sims CA, Guan Y, Mukherjee S, Singh K, Botolin P, Davila A Jr, Baur JA (2018) Nicotinamide mononucleotide preserves mitochondrial function and increases survival in hemorrhagic shock. JCI Insight 3:120182.


Van Doan 2023 Abstract IOC1622023Van Doan K, Luongo TS, Mukherjee S, Baur JA (2023) Mouse cardiac mitochondria are resilient to Nampt-dependent NAD+ los. Mitochondr Physiol Network 28.02
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