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Mahalaxmi 2022 Toxicol In VitroMahalaxmi G, Ashok S, Arun G, Srinivas G (2022) Albumin binds to uncoupler CCCP to diminish depolarization of mitochondria. In Vitro 80:105325. PMID: 35121064
DiProspero 2021 Toxicol In VitroDiProspero TJ, Dalrymple E, Lockett MR (2021) Physiologically relevant oxygen tensions differentially regulate hepatotoxic responses in HepG2 cells. In Vitro 74:105156. PMID: 33811995
Janowska 2020 Toxicol In VitroJanowska JI, Piel S, Saliba N, Kim CD, Jang DH, Karlsson M, Kilbaugh TJ, Ehinger JK (2020) Mitochondrial respiratory chain Complex I dysfunction induced by N-methyl carbamate ex vivo can be alleviated with a cell-permeable succinate prodrug carbamate toxicity and treatment. Toxicol In Vitro 65:104794.2020PMID: 32057835 Open Access
Anand 2020 Toxicol In VitroAnand CR, Bhavya B, Jayakumar K, Harikrishnan VS, Gopala S (2020) Inorganic nitrite alters mitochondrial dynamics without overt changes in cell death and mitochondrial respiration in cardiomyoblasts under hyperglycemia. Toxicol In Vitro 70:105048.2020PMID: 33161133 Open Access
Cecatto 2020 Toxicol In VitroCecatto C, Amaral AU, Roginski AC, Castilho RF, Wajner M (2020) Impairment of mitochondrial bioenergetics and permeability transition induction caused by major long-chain fatty acids accumulating in VLCAD deficiency in skeletal muscle as potential pathomechanisms of myopathy. Toxicol In Vitro 62:104665.2020PMID: 31629068 Open Access
De Moura Escobar 2019 Toxicol In Vitrode Moura Escobar SJ, Simone M, de Oliveira Ribeiro CA, Martinez GR, Winnischofer SMB, Witting PK, Rocha MEM (2019) Cytotoxic effects of 4'-hydroxychalcone on human neuroblastoma cells (SH-SY5Y). Toxicol In Vitro 61:104640.2019PMID: 31493544
Gruenig 2017 Toxicol In VitroGrรผnig D, Felser A, Bouitbir J, Krรคhenbรผhl S (2017) The catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitors tolcapone and entacapone uncouple and inhibit the mitochondrial respiratory chain in HepaRG cells. Toxicol In Vitro 42:337-47.2017PMID: 28526448
Cecatto 2016 Toxicol In VitroCecatto C, Godoy KD, da Silva JC, Amaral AU, Wajner M (2016) Disturbance of mitochondrial functions provoked by the major long-chain 3-hydroxylated fatty acids accumulating in MTP and LCHAD deficiencies in skeletal muscle. Toxicol In Vitro 36:1-9.2016PMID: 27371118 Open Access
Brecht 2016 Toxicol In VitroBrecht K, Riebel V, Couttet P, Paech F, Wolf A, Chibout SD, Pognan F, Krรคhenbรผhl S, Uteng M (2016) Mechanistic insights into selective killing of OXPHOS-dependent cancer cells by arctigenin. Toxicol In Vitro 40:55-65.2016PMID: 27923774 Open Access
Puntel 2013 Toxicol In VitroPuntel RL, Roos DH, Seeger RL, Rocha JB (2013) Mitochondrial electron transfer chain complexes inhibition by different organochalcogens. Toxicol In Vitro 27:59-70. 23103426 Open Access
Stankova 2010 Toxicol In VitroStaลˆkovรก P, Kuฤera O, Lotkovรก H, Rouลกar T, Endlicher R, Cervinkovรก Z (2010) The toxic effect of thioacetamide on rat liver in vitro. Toxicol In Vitro 24:2097-2103.2010PMID: 20600801
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