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Intercept (a0) for high oxygen backgrounds

What does the intercept (a0) for high oxygen backgrounds actually mean? Can it be used as a quality control parameter?

Unlike for the situation of backgrounds spanning atmospheric saturation to low oxygen, in high O2 backgrounds the data point with the lowest oxygen concentration is far removed from the y axis . So while the two parameters intercept and slope describe the background adequately for correction the descriptive value of the intercept alone is rather small. (Basically the regression line can be rotated slightly without much effect on the calculation in its valid range - but the intercept will be shifted drastically by this slight rotation.) Considering your very high O2 level I also think that your values are not that unusual. If you want me to have a look on the files please feel free to send them. If there is a suspicion that the chamber is leaky you could record a background at standard conditions - any problem of the chamber should also be visible in such a background. So one could express it in the following way:

  • Instrumental oxygen background covering the range from atmospheric saturation to low oxygen is BOTH: A way to determine the background parameters and a very powerful instrumental performance test, checking (inter alia) for too high back diffusion, visible in the obtained background parameters.
  • Instrumental oxygen background at high oxygen levels is a way to determine the background parameters. Very massive problems in back diffusion will also be detected.

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