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General structure about News page:

Section Tilte Topic Details When we update our news
Products Presentation of new products When we hame some new product or product to promote.
Events Small description and picture of the last event When we have events (or also events not organized by us).
O2k-brief Last O2k-brief published on our website Every Thursday.
O2k-Publications List of all O2k-Publications Always in the news area, with the link to all publications.
Picture of the month Small description and picture of the Oroboros of the month Every 1st of the month.
Various news To be defined time to time When we have important topics to share.

Next steps

Date Content
2019 - 09 - 02 O2k-Publications
2019 - 09 - 02 Picture of the month
2019 - 09 - 04 O2k-brief
2019 - 09 - 11 O2k-brief
2019 - 09 - 11 Coaching Samia Kappe
2019 - 09 - 18 O2k-brief
2019 - 09 - 23 MiPNet24.02 IOC141 Schroecken AT
2019 - 09 - 25 O2k-brief
2019 - 09 - ## Products
2019 - 09 - ## Various topic


We need to plan properly and in advance, so if someone have ideas or points to share in the O2k-News page just add it to the Idea section' and give me an alert by email: [email protected]

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O2k-brief Cronin (2018) The metabolite BH4 controls T cell proliferation in autoimmunity and cancer. Nature - Lymphocytes, Cancer - O2k-brief repository

"Instruments used to measure respiration in isolated mitochondria primarily include Oroboros O2k (Oroboros Instruments) and Seahorse XF Analyzers (Agilent). In the present review, the Oroboros O2k is primarily focused on because of its advantage in accuracy relative to Seahorse XF Analyzers which are designed for high-throughput qualitative measurements [51]" (page 6). - Lewis MT, Kasper JD, Bazil JN, Frisbee JC, Wiseman RW (2019) Quantification of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in metabolic disease: application to Type 2 diabetes. Int J Mol Sci 20:5271. - »Bioblast link«

Austrian Business in China

Austrian Business in China

Oroboros Instruments gains recognition on the Chinese market.
Have a look at our newest advertisement in the latest issue of Austrian Business in China - page 84 - and discover more about Austria's most innovative companies.

For the short online version: Company profile

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