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The term MiPNet

Mitochondr Physiol Network - Oroboros on-line journal

  • Mitochondr Physiol Network - the Open Access Oroboros 'on-line journal' is well established for publication of the O2k-Manual, O2k-Protocols, O2k-Workshops and more. These publications are cited in the scientific literature, and a track record is maintained for the sequence of editions. Perhaps we will be able to give the Mitochondr Physiol Network an even more formal basis in the system of scientific publications.

MiPNet News - Email circulars

  • MiPNet News originated as the ciruclar to Oroboros customers. But we actually circulate it way beyond our reference labs for various announcements, in addition to Bioblast alert.

Oroboros O2k-Network Labs (formerly: MiPNet Labs)

Skin Punch Biopsy Oximetry

Dear friends,
I have access to patients skin punch biopsies, and I would really like to perform oximetry on them. However, I'm afraid there's not enough cells in a punch biopsy.
Has anyone had experience with skin biopsies (rather than the muscle biopsies)? punch biopsies?
Any help would be much appreciated,
thanks in advance,
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