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Bioblast track has been accessed more than
  • 35,000 times (2019-12-11)
  • 30,000 times (2018-10-18)
  • 20,000 times (2016-06-06)
  • 10,000 times (2015-12-24)

BioblastEditors help

A Bioblast diary

  • When adding a new entry into a box of the Bioblast Main page, copy this entry under the respective header in the Bioblast track page and add at the beginning of the line the current date.
  • If the information is updated on the Main page, edit the entry in the Bioblast track page, too, without updating the date.
  • Copy figures only, if it does not take too much space, and place them such that they fit best into the list.

At the turn of the year

  1. Add at the beginning of the Bioblast track page a link to the new year's Bioblast alert.
  2. Enter a new header (year) at the end of the year.
  3. Cpopy from the Bioblast Main page the tables The most popular O2k-Publication and O2k-Abstract in Bioblast and Popular Bioblast pages.