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Talk:Bioblast alert 2017

From Bioblast

Bioblast alert 2017(02): 20187-##-##

New topics

Bioblast alert - next issues in preparation


MitoPedia » MitoPedia: Coupling control ratios beyond the RCR E-L coupling efficiency E-L coupling efficiency

MitoPedia » MitoPedia: Respiratory states Free capacities of respiration: Free OXPHOS capacity Free ROUTINE activity Free ET capacity

MitoPedia MitoPedia: Adaptation, Acclimatization, Acclimation - is there a consensus?


  • MitoGlobal: Consortia and research centres with a focus on mitochondrial research and medicine are listed as MitoGlobal_Centres.

BioblastEditors help

Some of the following topics - not more than four per alert - will be selected for a Bioblast alert and added above under next issue in preparation. Keep the text short, mainly providing the link to the Bioblast page or to an external link. Important topics may be added into the boxes of the Bioblast main page, to be included in a Bioblast alert later. See Bioblast alert from previous years to avoid too much repetition.

Gentle Science

Gentle Science

Gentle Science:

MitoPedia: high-resolution terminology

  • high-resolution terminology - matching measurement at high-resolution.
  • Define – Measure: terminology and experimental approach
  • Define – Clarify: consider discrepancies, resolve problems


  • MiPevents
  • Conferences and Workshops

Bioblast news

  • What is new or updated on the website: Lists (chemicals, protocols, scientific service, ..). A term may be selected (perhaps related to the publication), updated, discussed in our group, and then presented in the Bioblast alert. As Bioblast is updated, the updated ‘article’ can be added to the prepared points for a future Bioblast alert.
  • Projects in mitochondrial science (COST HypoxiaNet; Framework programs; ..)
  • Links on the Bioblast website; networking in mitochondrial science, presentation of: MIG List, Mitochondrion journal and website; Mitochondrial Societies; ..

Bioblast alert at the turn of the year

Example: from 2016 to 2017

  1. Move the page Bioblast alert 2016 to Bioblast alert 2017.
  2. Copy the contents of the new page Bioblast alert 2017 into the old page Bioblast alert 2016. Delete sections unrelated to 2017; use a previous page (Bioblast alert 2016) as a template.
  3. Edit the contents of the new page Bioblast alert 2017: delete the entries from the previous year, add under 'Bioblast alert - previous issues' a link to the previous year (Bioblast alert 2016).
  4. Edit the REDIRECT on Bioblast alert from Bioblast alert 2016 to Bioblast alert 2017.
  5. Edit the main page Bioblast, updating the header Bioblast alert 2017(01): 2017-0#-##.

Not included in Bioblast alert

The following topics are not 'Bioblast alert', since they may be considered too close to advertising:

  1. MiPNet O2k-Publications: A Bioblast editor may select an O2k-Publication (or a small number of related publications), particularly from a MiPNet Reference Laboratory, may get in contact with the particular reference lab, update info on the lab, and ‘present’ the lab on the start page of the Bioblast website.
  2. MiPNet Laboratories of the World: Contact the MiPNet laboratories: show link on the wiki, ask for updates on group, references, website, perhaps major projects (HypoxiaNet), perhaps add pictures, perhaps keywords/short description.

Circular: link to presented lab / special occasion (e.g. publication; conference presentation; new member; PhD thesis, ..

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