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Somero 2005 Annu Rev Physiol

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Somero G, Suarez RK (2005) Peter Hochachka: Adventures in biochemical adaptation. Annu Rev Physiol 67:25-37.

ยป PMID: 15709951 Open Access

Somero G, Suarez RK (2005) Annu Rev Physiol


Peter Hochachka

Peter Hochachka was one of the most creative forces in the field of comparative physiology during the past half-century. His career was truly an exploratory adventure, in both intellectual and geographic senses. His broad comparative studies of metabolism in organisms as diverse as trout, tunas, oysters, squid, turtles, locusts, hummingbirds, seals, and humans revealed the adaptable features of enzymes and metabolic pathways that provide the biochemical bases for diverse lifestyles and environments. In its combined breadth and depth, no other corpus of work better illustrates the principle of "unity in diversity" that marks comparative physiology. Through his publications, his stimulating mentorship, his broad editorial services, and his continuous-and highly infectious-enthusiasm for his field, Peter Hochachka served as one of the most influential leaders in the transformation of comparative physiology.

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