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Skelet Muscle

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Doig 2020 Skelet MuscleDoig CL, Zielinska AE, Fletcher RS, Oakey LA, Elhassan YS, Garten A, Cartwright D, Heising S, Alsheri A, Watson DG, Prehn C, Adamski J, Tennant DA, Lavery GG (2020) Induction of the nicotinamide riboside kinase NAD+ salvage pathway in a model of sarcoplasmic reticulum dysfunction. Skelet Muscle 10:5.2020PMID: 32075690 Open Access
Tarpey 2018 Skelet MuscleTarpey MD, Amorese AJ, Balestrieri NP, Ryan TE, Schmidt CA, McClung JM, Spangenburg EE (2018) Characterization and utilization of the flexor digitorum brevis for assessing skeletal muscle function. Skelet Muscle 8:14.2018PMID: 29665848 Open Access
Kennedy 2017 Skelet MuscleKennedy TL, Moir L, Hemming S, Edwards B, Squire S, Davies K, Guiraud S (2017) Utrophin influences mitochondrial pathology and oxidative stress in dystrophic muscle. Skelet Muscle 7:22.2017PMID: 29065908 Open Access
Min 2017 Skelet MuscleMin K, Lawan A, Bennett AM (2017) Loss of MKP-5 promotes myofiber survival by activating STAT3/Bcl-2 signaling during regenerative myogenesis. Skelet Muscle 7:21.2017PMID: 29047406 Open Access
De Palma 2014 Skelet MuscleDe Palma C, Morisi F, Pambianco S, Assi E, Touvier T, Russo S, Perrotta C, Romanello V, Carnio S, Cappello V, Pellegrino P, Moscheni C, Bassi MT, Sandri M, Cervia D, Clementi E (2014) Deficient nitric oxide signalling impairs skeletal muscle growth and performance: involvement of mitochondrial dysregulation. Skelet Muscle 4:22.2014PMID: 25530838