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Sarabipour 2018 Nature

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Sarabipour 2018 Nature

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Sarabipour S (2018) Preprints are good for science and good for the public. Nature 560:553.

» PMID: 30158619 Open Access

Sarabipour S (2018) Nature

Abstract: We disagree with Tom Sheldon’s contention that the preprint ecosystem can present a challenge to accurate and timely journalism (Nature 559, 445; 2018). Restricting when or how preprints are released risks suppressing science communication without any clear advantage to the public. When scientists and journalists follow fundamental principles for reporting research results — such as ensuring that publications are rigorously sourced and fact-checked — preprints pose no greater risk to the public’s understanding of science than do peer-reviewed articles (Sarabipour S et al PeerJ Preprints 6, e27098v1; 2018). Keywords: Preprints Bioblast editor: Gnaiger E