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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • MitoPedia Glossary: Terms and abbreviations
  • MitoPedia Glossary: Respirometry
  • MitoPedia Glossary: Fluorometry
  • MitoPedia Glossary: Spectrophotometry
  • MitoPedia Glossary: Respiratory states
  • MitoPedia Glossary: Respiratory control ratios
  • Mitochondria and bioblasts: History
  • List of substrates and metabolites
  • List of inhibitors
  • List of uncouplers
  • List of permeabilization agents
  • List of media for respirometry
  • List of enzymes
  • List of Links - Mitochondria: Structure and Function

    "constraints": {
        "type_constraint": "_txt",
        "allowed_values": [
            "MitoPedia Glossary: Terms and abbreviations",
            "MitoPedia Glossary: Respirometry",
            "MitoPedia Glossary: Fluorometry",
            "MitoPedia Glossary: Spectrophotometry",
            "MitoPedia Glossary: Respiratory states",
            "MitoPedia Glossary: Respiratory control ratios",
            "Mitochondria and bioblasts: History",
            "List of substrates and metabolites",
            "List of inhibitors",
            "List of uncouplers",
            "List of permeabilization agents",
            "List of media for respirometry",
            "List of enzymes",
            "List of Links - Mitochondria: Structure and Function"