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Mitochondrial physiology, [[High-resolution respirometry]]  +
FAHD1, senescence, aging, ''Mus musculus'', ''C. elegans''  +
[[High-resolution respirometry]], [[Oroboros O2k]], [[Gentle Science]]  +
transplantation, surgery, machine perfusion, organ regeneration, ischemia, reperfusion, cold storage, liver, kidney, heart, lung  +
avian biology - bird mitochondrial functions  +
Mitochondrial function and insulin resistance  +
Liver disease, mitochondrial disease and diagnostics  +
Muscle, Horse, Performance, Myopathy, Atypical myopathy in grazing horses  +
Comparative mitochondrial physiology  +
Heme metabolism, redox biochemistry, energy metabolism, mitochondrial function, Schistosoma mansoni  +
work with C elegans and D melanogaster models of neurodegeneration  +
Exercise, skeletal muscle, metabolism, diabetes, obesity  +
Toxicology, Metals, Hypoxia, Temperature  +
Hibernation, torpor, mitochondria  +
Signaling, phospho-proteomics, cannabinoids, brain metabolism, neurodegenerative diseases  +
Aging, permeabilized muscle fibers, isolated mitochondria  +
Drosophila, Temperature adaptation  +
Neurodegenerative disease with focus on diabetes  +
Alzheimer's disease (AD)  +
Nutrient sensing, energy sensing and metabolic adaptation  +