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Biochemistry Department, Faculty of medicine PPUKM  +
School Pharmacy Biochemistry University of Buenos Aires  +
Department of Medical Biochemistry & Medical Molecular Biology University of Graz  +
Institut für Molekulare Biowissenschaften Universität Graz  +
Institut für Mikrobiologie  +
Institut für Sportwissenschaften Univ. Innsbruck '''Power-O2k Network Cluster''': [[AT Innsbruck MitoFit]]  +
D. Swarovski Research Laboratory, Dept. Visceral, Transplant and Thoracic Surgery, Medical University of Innsbruck, AT >> See also '''[[AT Innsbruck Oroboros]]'''  +
Haider Technology Consulting OG <br/> - a partner in the [[About_Oroboros |Oroboros Ecosystem]] [[Category:Oroboros Ecosystem]]  +
[[File:Metabolic Analysis Cluster Innsbruck.jpg|right|300px|link= |Metabolic Analysis Cluster Innsbruck]]Institute for Biomedical Aging ResearchUniversity of Innsbruck  +
'''Power-O2k Network Cluster''' * [[AT_Innsbruck_Gnaiger E]] * [[AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros]] * [[AT_Kolsass_WGT]] * [[AT_Innsbruck_Burtscher M]] * [[AT_Kuehtai_HLZ]] * [[AT_Neu-Rum_STH]]  +
[[Image:Logo OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS.jpg|left|100px|link=|Oroboros]] Oroboros Instruments GmbH '''[[High-resolution respirometry]]''' '''[[Oroboros O2k |O2k – Mitochondrial and cell research]]'''  +
[[File:Schneeberger lab.jpg|right|300px|Dr. Andras Meszaros with the new O2ks]] Department of Visceral, Transplant and Thoracic Surgery, Medical University of Innsbruck  +
WGT-Elektronik GmbH & Co KG - a partner in the [[About_Oroboros |Oroboros Ecosystem]] [[Category:Oroboros Ecosystem]]  +
Dept. of Genetics Salzburg University  +
Universitätsklinik für Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde (Kinderspital Salzburg) Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität Landeskliniken Salzburg  +
Anatomisches Institut  +
Ludwig Boltzmann Inst. Experimental Clinical Traumatology  +
Queensland University of Technology School of Medicine The Prince Charles Hospital  +
Centre for Reproduction & Development Monash Institute of Medical Research Monash University  +
School of Sports and Exercise ScienceVictoria University'''Oroboros O2k-Training Centre'''[[File:Research Practice Doerrier Gnaiger Bishop MendezVillanueva.JPG|right|400px|Carolina Doerrier, Erich Gnaiger, David Bishop and Alberto Mendez Villanueva (Qatar) at the OROBOROS exhibition booth at Research to Practice 2016 in Melbourne]]  +