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Faria 2023 PharmaceuticsFaria R, BoisguΓ©rin P, Sousa Γ‚, Costa D (2023) Delivery systems for mitochondrial gene therapy: a review. Pharmaceutics 15:572. 36839894 Open Access
Zhang 2021 PharmaceuticsZhang H, Zhang A, Gupte AA, Hamilton DJ (2021) Plumbagin elicits cell-specific cytotoxic effects and metabolic responses in melanoma cells. Pharmaceutics 13:706.2021PMID: 34066184 Open Access
Herraez 2021 PharmaceuticsHerraez R, Quesada R, Dahdah N, Vinas M, Vinuesa T (2021) Tambjamines and prodiginines: Biocidal activity against Trypanosoma cruzi. Pharmaceutics 13:705.2021PMID: 34065993 Open Access
Hester 2021 PharmaceuticsHester S, Ferenz KB, Eitner S, Langer K (2021) Development of a lyophilization process for long-term storage of albumin-based perfluorodecalin-filled artificial oxygen carriers. Pharmaceutics 13:584.2021PMID: 33923881 Open Access
Pelaez Coyotl 2020 PharmaceuticsPelΓ‘ez Coyotl EA, Barrios Palacios J, MuciΓ±o G, Moreno-Blas D, Costas M, Montiel Montes T, Diener C, Uribe-Carvajal S, Massieu L, Castro-ObregΓ³n S, Espinosa OR, Mata Espinosa D, Barrios-Payan J, LeΓ³n Contreras JC, Corzo G, HernΓ‘ndez-Pando R, Del Rio G (2020) Antimicrobial peptide against Mycobacterium tuberculosis that activates autophagy is an effective treatment for tuberculosis. Pharmaceutics 12:E1071.2020PMID: 33182483 Open Access
Zavadskis 2020 PharmaceuticsZavadskis S, Weidinger A, Hanetseder D, Banerjee A, Schneider C, Wolbank S, Marolt Presen D, Kozlov AV (2020) Effect of diphenyleneiodonium chloride on intracellular reactive oxygen species metabolism with emphasis on NADPH oxidase and mitochondria in two therapeutically relevant human cell types. Pharmaceutics 13:E10.2020PMID: 33374729 Open Access
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