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MitoGlobal Events 2020

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MitoGlobal Events 2020 - listed by MitoGlobal » MitoGlobal Events

 DateLocation - Country
Al-Azab 2020 FEBS J2020Al-Azab M, Qaed E, Ouyang X, Elkhider A, Walana W, Li H, Li W, Tang Y, Adlat S, Wei J, Wang B, Li X (2020) TL1A/TNFR2-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction of fibroblast-like synoviocytes increases inflammatory response in patients with rheumatoid arthritis via reactive oxygen species generation. FEBS J 287:3088-104.
MiPNet25.02 IOC Schroecken AT2020
Schroecken AT, Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC. - Due to COVID-19 we change the strategy and provide the O2k-Workshop in a virtual form.
12th FENS Forum Glasgow UK2020Glasgow, IL, 2020. 12th FENS Forum of Neuroscience.
Wang 2020 J Mol Med (Berl)2020Wang SY, Zhu Siyu, Wu Jian, Zhang Maomao, Xu Yousheng, Xu Wei, Cui Jinjin, Yu Bo, Cao Wei, Liu Jingjin (2020) Exercise enhances cardiac function by improving mitochondrial dysfunction and maintaining energy homoeostasis in the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy. J Mol Med (Berl) 98:245-61.
Liu 2020 Cell Death Dis2020Liu YF, Zhu Juan-Juan, Yu Tian X, Liu Han, Zhang Tao, Zhang Yun-Peng, Xie Si-An, Zheng Ming, Kong Wei, Yao Wei-Juan, Pang Wei, Zhao Chuan-Rong, Tang Yuan-Jun, Zhou Jing (2020) Hypermethylation of mitochondrial DNA in vascular smooth muscle cells impairs cell contractility. Cell Death Dis 11:35.
Shi 2020 Diabetes2020Shi JH, Lu JY, Chen HY, Wei CC, Xu X, Li H, Bai Q, Xia FZ, Lam SM, Zhang H, Shi YN, Cao D, Chen L, Shui G, Yang X, Lu Y, Chen YX, Zhang WJ (2020) Liver ChREBP protects against fructose-induced glycogenic hepatotoxicity by regulating L-type pyruvate kinase. Diabetes 120:29.
Li 2020 Cells2020Li M, Wang L, Wang Y, Zhang S, Zhou G, Lieshout R, Ma B, Liu J, Qu C, Verstegen MMA, Sprengers D, Kwekkeboom J, van der Laan LJW, Cao W, Peppelenbosch MP, Pan Q (2020) Mitochondrial fusion via OPA1 and MFN1 supports liver tumor cell metabolism and growth. Cells 9:E121.
Lin 2020 EBioMedicine2020Lin Y, Nan J, Shen J, Lv X, Chen X, Lu X, Zhang C, Xiang P, Wang Z, Li Z (2020) Canagliflozin impairs blood reperfusion of ischaemic lower limb partially by inhibiting the retention and paracrine function of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. EBioMedicine 52:102637.
FEBS Advanced Course on Molecular targets for anti-aging interventions 2020 Spetses Island GR2020
Spetses Island, GR. 2020 , FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Molecular targets for anti-aging interventions.
1st Myocardial Function Symposium 2020 Graz AT2020-01-10Graz, AT, 2020 Jan 10-11. 1st Myocardial Function Symposium: “Targets in cardiometabolic disease”.
PERICO Mid-term meeting Leuven BE2020-01-16
Leuven, BE, 2020 Jan 16-17. PERICO Mid-term Meeting
TRANSMIT Symposium 2020 Brussels BE2020-01-17
Brussels, BE, 2020 Jan 17-18. TRANSMIT Symposium - Fostering applicative discoveries in cancer metabolism
MiPNet25.03 IOC144 Innsbruck AT2020-01-20
Innsbruck AT, 2020 Jan 20-22. O2k-Coaching Days - Basic IOC144.
MiPNet25.06 IOC145 Innsbruck AT2020-01-27
Innsbruck AT, 2020 Jan 27-29. O2k-Coaching Days - Basic IOC145.
MiPNet25.10 Distributor engagement Tokyo JP2020-02-04
NextGenO2k logo.jpg
Tokyo,JP, 2020 Feb 4-7. On-site O2k-Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry and partner distribution engagement.
MitoEAGLE WG4 Innsbruck AT2020-02-26
Innsbruck AT, 2020 Feb 26-28. WG 4 blood cell workshop and retreat - COST Action MitoEAGLE.
MitoEAGLE WG2 Innsbruck AT2020-03-09
Innsbruck AT, 2020 Mar 9-13. WG 2 on human skeletal muscle fibers retreat - COST Action MitoEAGLE.
8th SMRM and Mitochondria-Metabolism Network Meeting 2020 Pune IN2020-03-16Pune, IN, 2020 Mar 16-19. 8th SMRM and Mitochondria-Metabolism Network Meeting.
FAT4BRAIN 1st Online ESR Workshop2020-04-30
Online, 2020 April 30. FAT4BRAIN 1st Online ESR Workshop - WIDESPREAD PROJECT.
APS2020 Chicago US2020-05-21Chicago US. 2020 May 21-24, 32nd Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention.
UMDF-Power SURGE 2020 Virtual Event2020-06-26
Virtual Event, 2020 Jun 26-27 . Mitochondrial Medicine.
Movement and Cognition 2020 Paris FR2020-09-03Paris, FR, 2020 Sep 3-5. World conference on Movement and Cognition.
36th Congress Czech Nutrition Society 2020 Hradec Kralove CZ2020-09-10Hradec Kralove, CZ, 2020 Sep 10-12 . 36th annual international congress of Czech Nutrition Society
The Minerva – Gentner Symposium on Cancer Immunometabolism 2020 Rehovot IL2020-09-12Rehovot , IL, 2020 Sep 12-14. The Minerva – Gentner Symposium on Cancer Immunometabolism 2020.
EUBS2020 Prague CZ2020-09-16Prague CZ, 2020 Sep 16-19. EUBS 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting
ESCI 2020 Virtual Event2020-09-20
Virtual Event, 2020 Sep 20-30. European Society for Clinical Investigation Virtual Meeting 2020 – COVID19 edition
12th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting 2020 Virtual Event2020-09-21
Virtual Event, 2020 Sep 21-23. 12th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting - Biomolecules in/for 21st century
RACMEM2020 Quebec CA2020-10-07Quebec, CA, 2020 Oct 07-10. RACMEM2020 - Recent advances & controversies in the measurement of energy metabolism.
Long Night of Research 2020 Virtual Event2020-10-09
Virtual Event, 2020 Oct 09. Oroboros at Long Night of Research, CCB. The diagnostic bioenergetic report – a milestone on the way to mitochondrial fitness and physical well-being.
10th Italian Meeting on Mitochondrial Disease 2020 IT2020-10-09Virtual, 2020 Oct 09-10. 10th Italian Meeting on Mitochondrial Diseases
FAT4BRAIN School IOC147 Virtual Event2020-10-13
Virtual Event, 2020-10-13. FAT4BRAIN School IOC147 on mt-functionality assessment in CNS-related applications .
TRANSMIT Open Access Course Virtual 20202020-10-15Virtual, 2020 Oct 15. Open Access and Open Science
10th European Algae Industry Summit 2020 Reykjavik IS2020-10-20Reykjavik, IS, 2020 Oct 20-21. 10th European Algae Industry Summit.
ISCaM 2020 Virtual Event2020-10-20Virtual Event, 2020 Oct 20-Nov 24. ISCaM2020 - 7th Annual Meeting.
Targeting Mitochondria World Congress 2020 Virtual2020-10-28Virtual, 2020 Oct 28-30. 11th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria.
SMRM2020 Virtual2020-11-07
Society for Mitochondria Research and Medicine - India
Virutal, 2020 Nov 06-07. 8th Annual Meeting of the Society for Mitochondria Research and Medicine-India.
Integrative Physiology of Exercise 2020 Virtual Event2020-11-09Virtual Event, 2020 Nov 9-13. American Physiological Society’s (APS) Integrative Physiology of Exercise (IPE) 2020 conference.
The 18th Chinese Biophysics Congress 2020 Guangzhou CN2020-11-15Guangzhou, CN, 2020 Nov 15-18. The 18th Chinese Biophysics Congress
Analytica China 2020 Shanghai CN2020-11-16Shanghai, CN, 2020 Nov 16-18.Analytica China Exhibition - 10th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics.
2020 PaduaMuscleDays Padua IT2020-11-19Virtual, 2020 Nov 19-21. PaduaMuscleDays - 30 years of translational research
MiPNet25.04 IOC146 Padua IT2020-11-20
Virtual, 2020 Nov 20. O2k-Introduction: Commitment to reproducibility in targeting mitochondrial respiratory control IOC146.
AussieMit 2020 Sydney AU2020-11-25Sydney, AU, 2020 Nov 25-27 AussieMit 2020.
EGIR and NAFLD study groups 2020 Virtual Event2020-11-30Virtual Event, 2020 Nov 30-Dec 07. EGIR and NAFLD study groups. Topic: "Novel targets for lipid and glucose metabolism in Type 2 Diabetes and/or NAFLD.
AlgaEurope 2020 Virtual Event2020-12-01
Rome, IT, 2020 Dec 1-5. AlgaEurope 2020.
ESSR 2020 Innsbruck AT2020-12-10
Innsbruck, AT, 2020 Dec 10-11. Virtual 55th Congress of the European Society for Surgical Research and 44th Congress of the Austrian Society for Surgical Research.
MiPNet25.17 Virtual O2k-Workshop PhotoBiology2021
Virtual O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) - Basic O2k and NextGen-O2k, PhotoBiology Module (for Key opinion leaders)
MiPNet26.02 Virtual O2k-Workshop:Q-Module2021-02-02
Virtual O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) - Basic O2k and NextGen-O2k, Q-Module (for Key opinion leaders)
MiPNet25.16 Virtual O2k-Workshop HRR2023
Virtual O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR) - Basic and Advanced (O2 and H2O2 fluxes)