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MiPNet18.11 IOC82

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MiPNet18.11 IOC82

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Trondheim NO, 2013 Dec 10-11, Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry and O2k-Fluorometry, Oroboros IOC82. Satellite to the 5th Seminar on Exercise in Medicine. Trondheim, Norway, O2k-Network Lab »NO Trondheim Rognmo O.

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Oroboros (2013-12-10) Mitochondr Physiol Network


MiPNet Lab NO_Trondheim_Rognmo O

The 82nd Workshop on high-resolution respirometry and O2k-Fluorometry is the first Oxygraph-2k Workshop held in Norway. Most participants are experienced in high-resolution respirometry (HRR). The O2k-Workshop includes a basic introduction to quality control of instrumental performance of the Oroboros O2k with integrated on-line analysis, introducing new features of DatLab 5.2. »Versions

The main focus will be a discussion on optimization of OXPHOS analysis in various mitochondrial (mt) preparations (permeabilized muscle fibres, tissue homogenate, isolated mitochondria). HRR provides information on cell respiration with simple phosphorylation control protocols. State-of-the-art OXPHOS analysis is extended using mt-preparations, to evaluate coupling efficiencies and OXPHOS capacities with carbohydrate versus fatty acid substrates, and to diagnose defects in respiratory complexes of the electron transfer-pathway and phosphorylation system. Novel developments are presented on substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration (SUIT) protocols in HRR using the O2k-Fluorescence LED2-Module for simultaneous measurement of hydrogen peroxide production (Amplex red®) or mt-membrane potential (Safranin). Discussions are extended on comparison of measurement of mt-membrane potential using Safranin (fluorometric) versus TPP+ or TPMP+ (potentiometric), and on perspectives of HRR in mitochondrial physiology.

The Cardiac Exercise Research Group (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim) is a MiPNet Lab offering their facility and O2ks for the training at the O2k-Workshop. The MiPNet Lab NO_Trondheim_Rognmo_O uses three O2k-instruments as a Power-O2k Laboratory.

>> 5th Seminar on Exercise in Medicine. Trondheim, Norway

O2k-Network Lab: AT_Innsbruck_Oroboros, AT Innsbruck MitoCom, NO Trondheim Rognmo O


HRR: Oxygraph-2k 

ORO, IOC, 2013, O2k-Network 

Christopher McDougall, Verena Laner

Special evening: Man in Extreme Environments

Summary of the Man in Extreme Environments-Evening: Christopher McDougall - Born to Run

  • This workshop is a component of the K-Regio project MitoCom.