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Maggio 2018 Perspect Med Educ

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Maggio 2018 Perspect Med Educ

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Maggio LA, Artino AR Jr, Driessen EW (2018) Preprints: facilitating early discovery, access, and feedback. Perspect Med Educ 7:287-9.

ยป PMID: 30218322 Open Access

Maggio LA, Artino AR Jr, Driessen EW (2018) Perspect Med Educ

Abstract: Perspectives on Medical Education preprint policy: PME encourages authors to deposit a preprint of their manuscript prior to submission for peer review on non-commercial servers such as bioRxiv, Open Science Framework Preprints, and SocARxiv. When submitting, authors must disclose in their cover letter that a version of the manuscript has been deposited as a preprint and include any associated DOIs or accession numbers. Upon publication in PME, authors are requested to update any preprint versions with a link to the final published article. โ€ข Keywords: Preprints โ€ข Bioblast editor: Gnaiger E