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Mayer 2019 LipidsMayer K, Sommer N, Hache K, Hecker A, Reiche S, Schneck E, Weissmann N, Seeger W, Hecker M (2019) Resolvin E1 improves mitochondrial function in human alveolar epithelial cells during severe inflammation. Lipids 54:53-65.2019PMID: 30697748
De Souza 2012 Lipidsde Souza Pinto R, Castilho G, Paim BA, Machado-Lima A, Inada NM, Nakandakare ER, Vercesi AE, Passarelli M (2012) Inhibition of macrophage oxidative stress prevents the reduction of ABCA-1 transporter induced by advanced glycated albumin. Lipids 47:443-50.2012PMID: 22271422
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