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Publications in the MiPMap
Bolzano IT, 2014 May 25-31. World Congress on High Altitude Medicine and Physiology, ISMM2014.

Β» ISMM2014

ISMM, EURAC (2014-05-25) MitoGlobal

Abstract: World Congress on High Altitude Medicine and Physiology, ISMM, Bolzano, Italy; including 90th Oroboros O2k-Workshop.


ORO, 2014, MitoCom 

Buddha Basnyat and Erich Gnaiger at exhibition booth of OROBOROS; ISMM2014 Bolzano

Mitochondrial session at ISMM2014

Monday, May 26, 14:00-15:30

SESSION C – Mitochondria – Key organelle for bioenergetics in hypoxia and cold? E Gnaiger/ R Boushel

Erich Gnaiger, Greenland Robert Boushel Adam Chicco Andrew Murray James Horscroft
  • Hypoxia – is mitochondrial capacity and efficiency an issue? Gnaiger Erich (Austria)
  • Contribution of convective O2 supply, diffusion and mitochondrial OXPHOS capacities to maximal oxygen consumption at high altitude. Boushel_RC (Sweden)
  • Enhanced fatty acid oxidation capacity and phosphorylation control of human skeletal muscle mitochondria following 16 days at 5260 m. Chicco Adam J (United States)
  • Muscle mitochondrial function in Sherpas. Murray Andrew J (United Kingdom)
  • Human skeletal muscle mitochondria at high-altitude: adaptation and acclimatization. Horscroft JA, A Kotwica, V Laner, E Gilbert-Kawai, D Howard, H Montgomery, MP Grocott, D Levett, E Gnaiger, D Martin, A Murray
Sandra and Mona at exhibition booth of OROBOROS; ISMM2014 Bolzano

Oroboros exhibition booth

Fontana-Ayoub Mona Fleischmann Sandra

Fontana-Ayoub Mona; Biomedical assistant; Fleischmann Sandra; Administrative assistant

  • Visit us at the Oroboros Instruments exhibition booth from Monday to Wednesday, May 26 to 28.
  • Here you can register for the Oroboros O2k-Workshop, Tuesday afternoon, May 27. Free registration for ISMM participants.

Oroboros O2k-Workshop

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