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Last update: 2020-04-24

Add a new MitoPedia article

To add a new article within the MitoPedia follow these steps:
  1. Log-in first
  2. Then go to: Special pages β†’ Forms β†’ MitoPedia or click on MitoPedia term in Support pages on the sidebar (direct Bioblast link Β»
  3. Type in the name of the page you want to create or edit the name in this field
  4. Fill in the Form fields (Abbreviation - if there is one, Description, Reference) and tick the appropriate MitoPedia concept, MitoPedia method, MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry and/or MitPedia topic (not every category has to be defined)
  5. The Free text field can be filled with additional information
  6. Save page

Note: Be aware that it's not possible to edit the title. If you want to rename the page, you have to move the page. MitoPedia.jpg

Edit the structure/design of MitoPedia articles

You have to create or edit following pages:
  • Form:MitoPedia: contains fields under which the tickboxes show the properties - edit if you add a new field.
  • Property:MitoPedia('field'): contains the available tickboxes for properties in the chosen field - add if you add a new property.
  • Template:MitoPedia('field') - edit if you add a new property.
  • Filter:MitoPedia('field') - add if you add a new field.
Be aware that a deletion or change of a field or property can effect the entire MitoPedia dataset.


This page contains the general structure of MitoPedia. It defines all fields shown for adding a new article (see picture above). In this form you can add/edit fields.
  • Current fields (2016-02-15): MitoPedia concepts, MitoPedia methods, MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry and MitoPedia topics
  • This page has to be edited only when adding a new field, but not for adding a new property within a field.
Each field is linked with a Property:MitoPedia ##, a Template:MitoPedia ## and a Filter:MitoPedia ## page. All 3 pages have to be created if you add a new field.
If you want to add a new field, go to Edit and adjust according to the following format:
(You have to add a new Property:MitoPedia ##, ... afterwards).
{{{for template|MitoPedia fieldname|}}}
{| class="formtable"
! MitoPedia fieldname:
| {{{field|mitopedia fieldname}}}

Property:MitoPedia ##

Go to: Special pages β†’ Properties (Bioblast Β» Here you can find all Properties, including MitoPedia properties ('MitoPedia ##')
The Property:MitoPedia page contains the names of the tickboxes (see picture above). Here we can add/edit these names of the according field. Each field has it's own Property:MitoPedia ## page.

For example: Β»
(Keep in mind that if you add a value here you must also add it to the Template:MitoPedia methods)

To add another value (in this example: method) click Edit and add the new value in the following format:
* [[Allows value::Name]]
To create a new Property copy the page from an already existing property and adjust accordingly. The new property will be listed in Properties as soon as it is used in a page.

Template:MitoPedia ##

  1. Go to Special pages β†’ Templates (Bioblast Β»
  2. Choose the according template in this list (e.g.: Template:MitoPedia methods)
  3. Click Edit and add the name of the new value (same name you have added in Properties) like the ones that already exist
Following format should be used:
| Name = [[MitoPedia: Name|Name]]

Filter:MitoPedia ##

Gnaiger Erich (talk) 14:29, 24 April 2020 (CEST) - Possibly, Filters belong to an old wiki version. I did not find Filters under Special pages.
You do not have to edit a filter page but if you have added a new field to the Form:Mitopedia page you also have to add a new Filter:MitoPedia ## page according to the field name:
  1. Go to Special pages β†’ Filters (Bioblast Β» Here you can find a list of all existing filters, including the MitoPedia filters
  2. Choose one of the MitoPedia filters, click Edit and copy all information (should not be longer than 1 or 2 rows)
  3. Adjust accordingly in your new filter page