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From Bioblast
» Cheatsheet:

General text formatting

  • The general text indent should comprise four colons (::::). Make a space after the double points and before the text. Try to divide the text into passages.
  • If you create a list with bullets, use three preceding colons (:::*)
  • If you create a list with numeration, use four preceding colons (::::#)
  • If you do not want headers to get listed in the table of contents, use big and/ or bold font without any indent.
  • Use » before links, when they are not integrated into the text

General formatting


bold => when an article name is first mentioned


`== Main Heading Example ==´

`=== Sub heading Example ===´


more left
even more left


  1. Numbered list
  2. two
  3. three

Bullet list

  • Bullet list
  • two
  • three

Subscript and Superscript



» Formatting: Links
  • Do not put a link in the heading text, with few exceptions.
  • Internal link
Internal link: ATP
link to ATP but with different text than internal link
  • External link ===
External link: Wikipedia ; there is a space between the weblink and the word, which is shown. Do not forget http:// otherwise the link does not work.


» Formatting:Files
  • You can upload the following file types on the Bioblast wiki: zip, dld, dlt, pdf, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, docx, xls, xlsx
See above the guideline on how to implement files into the website


» Formatting: Tables

Obst Gemüse
Banane Tomate
Birne Gurke

Banane Birne
Tomate Gurke

Shopping list
  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Juice

Automatic tables

If you want to create an automatic table you have to write down the next code (adapting it to your necessities), after the code you would find the explanation to each part.
{{#ask:[[Category:O2k-Workshops]] [[Additional label::IOC]] |?Has title=Reference |format=broadtable |limit=500 |offset=0 |sort=Was written by |order=descending}}
  • #ask:[[Category:xxx]] will search on the category where the information is, you can search over more than one category, for that you have to write:#ask:[[Category:xxx]][[Category:xxx]]
  • [[Additional label::xxx]] in this area you have to write what you want to search, in which field, for example those pages that in the keyword field contein O2k and are from year 2012 -->[[Keyword::O2k]][[Year::2012]]
  • |?Has title=reference |?Was published in year |?Diseases With the question mark you selected the fields you want to appear in the table
  • |format=broadtable |limit=500 |offset=0 this line define the format of the table. it´s necessary to write limit 500 because if it´s too short it would not appear all of them.
  • |sort= Was written by |sort=was published in year |sort=Has title |sort=Was submitted in year Here you selected the field from which the table will be sorted.
  • |order=descending or ascending}} choose one of both options to order the table.
  • For automatic publication tables sort by Was published in year / for automatic abstract tables sort by Was submitted in year
  • If in the pages where you are searching to create the automatic table, exist the label articletype, this page WILL NOT appear in the table.

Figures, Pictures, Images

» Formatting:Images
Upload: Go to 'Upload file' in the 'Toolbox' or just click this link: Special:Upload
Figures, Images Instructions to insert the picture on the page can be found on the 'Upload file' page.
  • Uploaded pictures should not have more than 1200px on the longest side. Profile pictures of persons should have this ratio: 3:4.
  • Several figures do not change size when the zoom of the screen is modified, hence they change in proportion with the text. In many cases, a zoom of 125% is considered as a standard [Ctrl-O]. Therefore, formatting of such figures should be optimized at a zoom of 125%.

Side bar


Changing the startpage of the wiki/ the link of the logo in the navigation bar: Edit the page “MediaWiki:Mainpage”, write inside the name of the page you want to have as the startpage. Save.
Link: "skins/Vector.php"


  1. MitoPedia, Publications, MiPnetLabs
when, you work with the Form then the external links [ ] and internal links [[ ]] function as mentioned before
  1. Products
here in the Info field ONLY internal links (for convenience) will work (since the form automatically adds the wikitag [[ ]] to the references.

Mathematical formula

More details: » Help with MathFormulas


Use the following comands within the text: [1]. Then a list of references is generated like this:


  1. Gnaiger E (2020) Mitochondrial pathways and respiratory control. An introduction to OXPHOS analysis. 5th ed. Bioenerg Commun:112 pp. »Bioblast link
  2. Email

    [email protected]