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MiP2023 Bioenerg Commun

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MiP2023 Bioenerg Commun

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Gnaiger E, Timon-Gomez A, Tindle-Solomon L, Cocco P, eds (2023) MiPschool and MiPconference 2023 . Bioenerg Commun 2023.2.

» Bioenerg Commun 2023.02. Open Access pdf
published online 2023-07-21

Gnaiger Erich, Timon-Gomez Alba, Tindle-Solomon Lisa, Cocco Paolo, eds (2023) Bioenerg Commun

Abstract: The Mitochondrial Physiology Society MiPs was founded at the 3rd MiPconference in Schröcken, Austria, 2003-Sep-12 to 16 [1], and the 1st MiPsummer school took place in Schröcken in 2007-Jul-12 to 18 [2]. At this occasion, the first edition of the ‘Blue Book’ was introduced [3] which is available complementary to the MitoEAGLE ‘Mitochondrial Physiology’ communication [4] as the 5th edition published in 2020 in BEC [5]. In 2023 we continue the tradition of ‘Mitochondrial Physiology: The Many Faces and Functions of an Organelle’ [6] with MiPevents held in various countries in Europe and USA, joining at the 13th MiPschool [7] and 15th MiPconference [8] in Obergurgl, Austria.

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Gnaiger Carolina, Laner Verena

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