FR Toulouse Letellier T

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FR Toulouse Letellier T

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab ร‰quipe Mรฉdecine ร‰volutive,

AMIS - UMR 5288 - CNRS,

Universitรฉ Paul Sabatier,

Facultรฉ de Mรฉdecine Purpan, FR

Address Allรฉes Jules Guesde 37, 31073
City Toulouse Cedex
Country France
Contact Letellier Thierry
Team Faustin Benjamin, Pertuiset Claire, Rocher Christophe
Team previous Gutierrez Cortes Nicolas, Hebert-Chatelain Etienne, Mazat Jean-Pierre
Status O2k 2009-
Oroboros Events IOC54, IOC46


Brito 2021 BMC Cancer2021Brito A, Merle C, Lagarde P, Faustin B, Devin A, Lartigue L, Chibon F (2021) Cell fusion enhances energy metabolism of mesenchymal tumor hybrid cells to sustain their proliferation and invasion. BMC Cancer 21:863.
Gutierrez 2012 Hum Mutat2012Gutiรฉrrez Cortรฉs N, Pertuiset C, Dumon E, Bรถrlin M, Hebert-Chatelain E, Pierron D, Feldmann D, Jonard L, Marlin S, Letellier T, Rocher C (2012) Novel mitochondrial DNA mutations responsible for maternally inherited non-syndromic hearing loss. Hum Mutat 33:681-9
Hebert-Chatelain 2012 Biochim Biophys Acta2012Hebert-Chatelain E, Jose C, Gutierrez Cortes N, Dupuy JW, Rocher C, Dachary-Prigent J, Letellier T (2012) Preservation of NADH ubiquinone-oxidoreductase activity by Src kinase-mediated phosphorylation of NDUFB10. Biochim Biophys Acta 1817:718-725.
Kuznetsov 2003 Anal Biochem2003Kuznetsov AV, Kunz WS, Saks V, Usson Y, Mazat J-P, Letellier T, Gellerich FN, Margreiter R (2003) Cryopreservation of mitochondria and mitochondrial function in cardiac and skeletal muscle fibers. Anal Biochem 319:296-303.


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