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Pless-Petig 2018 Cell TransplantPless-Petig G, Walter B, Bienholz A, Rauen U (2018) Mitochondrial impairment as a key factor for the lack of attachment after cold storage of hepatocyte suspensions. Cell Transplant 26:1855-67.2018PMID: 29390882 Open Access
Banerjee 2018 Cell TransplantBanerjee A*, Lindenmair A, Hennerbichler S, Steindorf P, Steinborn R, Kozlov AV, Redl H, Wolbank S, Weidinger A (2018) Cellular and site-specific mitochondrial characterization of vital human amniotic membrane. Cell Transplant 27:3-11.2018PMID: 29562784 Open Access
Beiral 2014 Cell TransplantBeiral HJ, Rodrigues-Ferreira C, Fernandes AM, Gonsalez SR, Mortari NC, Takiya CM, Sorenson MM, Figueiredo-Freitas C, Galina A, Vieyra A (2014) The impact of stem cells on electron fluxes, proton translocation and ATP synthesis in kidney mitochondria after ischemia/reperfusion. Cell Transplant 23:207-20.2014PMID: 23211430
Paulsen 2011 Cell TransplantPaulsen BD, Maciel RD, Galina A, da Silveira MS, Souza CD, Drummond H, Pozzato EN, Junior HS, Chicaybam L, Massuda R, Setti-PerdigΓ£o P, Bonamino M, Belmonte-de-Abreu PS, Castro NG, Brentani H, Rehen SK (2011) Altered oxygen metabolism associated to neurogenesis of induced pluripotent stem cells derived from a schizophrenic patient. Cell Transplant 21:1547-592011PMID: 21975034
Stephenne 2007 Cell TransplantStΓ©phenne X, Najimi M, Ngoc DK, Smets F, Hue L, Guigas B, Sokal EM (2007) Cryopreservation of human hepatocytes alters the mitochondrial respiratory chain complex 1. Cell Transplant 16:409-19.2007PMID:17658131
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