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Mazaki 2023 Cell Commun SignalMazaki Y, Handa H, Fumoto Y, Horinouchi T, Onodera Y (2023) LRRK2 is involved in the chemotaxis of neutrophils and differentiated HL-60 cells, and the inhibition of LRRK2 kinase activity increases fMLP-induced chemotactic activity. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12964-023-01305-y2023Cell Commun Signal 21:300. PMID: 37904222 Open Access
Long 2022 Cell Commun SignalLong C, Guo R, Han R, Li K, Wan Y, Xu J, Gong X, Zhao Y, Yao X, Liu J (2022) Effects of macrophages on the proliferation and cardiac differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12964-022-00916-12022Cell Commun Signal 20:108. PMID: 35850719 Open Access
Maekawa 2019 Cell Commun SignalMaekawa S, Takada S, Nambu H, Furihata T, Kakutani N, Setoyama D, Ueyanagi Y, Kang D, Sabe H, Kinugawa S (2019) Linoleic acid improves assembly of the CII subunit and CIII2/CIV complex of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system in heart failure. Cell Commun Signal 17:128.2019PMID: 31619261 Open Access
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