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Shuvo 2017 Can J MicrobiolShuvo SR, Kovaltchouk U, Zubaer A, Kumar A, Summers WAT, Donald LJ, Hausner G, Court DA (2017) Functional characterization of an N-terminally-truncated mitochondrial porin expressed in Neurospora crassa. Can J Microbiol 17:1-9.2017PMID: 28414919
Gordillo 2015 Can J MicrobiolGordillo MA, Navarro AR, Maldonado MC (2015) Mode of action of metabolites from Bacillus sp. strain IBA 33 on Geotrichum citri-aurantii arthroconidia. Can J Microbiol 61:876-80.2015PMID: 26394707
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