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Kienzle 2023 BMC BiolKienzle L, Bettinazzi S, Choquette T, Brunet M, Khorami HH, Jacques JF, Moreau M, Roucou X, Landry CR, Angers A, Breton S (2023) A small protein coded within the mitochondrial canonical gene nd4 regulates mitochondrial bioenergetics. Biol 21:111. PMID: 37198654 Open Access
Trewin 2022 BMC BiolTrewin AJ, Silver J, Dillon HT, Della Gatta PA, Parker L, Hiam DS, Lee YP, Richardson M, Wadley GD, Lamon S (2022) Long non-coding RNA Tug1 modulates mitochondrial and myogenic responses to exercise in skeletal muscle. Biol 20:164. PMID: 35850762 Open Access
Britto 2018 BMC BiolBritto FA, Cortade F, Belloum Y, Blaquière M, Gallot YS, Docquier A, Pagano AF, Jublanc E, Bendridi N, Koechlin-Ramonatxo C, Chabi B, Francaux M, Casas F, Freyssenet D, Rieusset J, Giorgetti-Peraldi S, Carnac G, Ollendorff V, Favier FB (2018) Glucocorticoid-dependent REDD1 expression reduces muscle metabolism to enable adaptation under energetic stress. BMC Biol 16:65. 29895328 Open Access
Hirst 2018 BMC BiolHirst J (2018) Open questions: respiratory chain supercomplexes-why are they there and what do they do?. BMC Biol 16:111.2018PMID:30382836 Open Access
Van Eunen 2016 BMC Biolvan Eunen K, Volker-Touw CM, Gerding A, Bleeker A, Wolters JC, van Rijt WJ, Martines AM, Niezen-Koning KE, Heiner RM, Permentier H, Groen AK, Reijngoud DJ, Derks TG, Bakker BM (2016) Living on the edge: substrate competition explains loss of robustness in mitochondrial fatty-acid oxidation disorders. BMC Biol 14:107.2016PMID: 27927213 Open Access
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