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Name Wisloff Ulrik, Prof.
Ulrik Wisloff
Cardiac Exercise Research Group

K.G. Jebsen Centre of Exercise in Medicine

Faculty of Medicine, ISB

Address , 7491
City Trondheim
Country Norway
Email ulrik.wisloff@ntnu.no
Weblink K.G. Jebsen Centre of Exercise in Medicine
O2k-Network Lab



Bowen 2015 Eur J Heart Fail2015Bowen TS, Rolim NP, Fischer T, Baekkerud FH, Medeiros A, Werner S, Brønstad E, Rognmo O, Mangner N, Linke A, Schuler G, Silva GJ, Wisløff U, Adams V (2015) Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction induces molecular, mitochondrial, histological, and functional alterations in rat respiratory and limb skeletal muscle. Eur J Heart Fail 17:263-72.
Stensvold 2012 Metab Syndr Relat Disord2012Stensvold D, Slørdahl SA, Wisløff U (2012) Effect of exercise training on inflammation status among people with metabolic syndrome. Metab Syndr Relat Disord 10:267-72.
Hafstad 2011 J Appl Physiol2011Hafstad AD, Boardman NT, Lund J, Hagve M, Khalid AM, Wisløff U, Larsen TS, Aasum E (2011) High intensity interval training alters substrate utilization and reduces oxygen consumption in the heart. J Appl Physiol 111:1235-41.
Haram 2009 Cardiovasc Res2009Haram PM, Kemi OJ, Lee SJ, Bendheim MØ, Al-Share QY, Waldum HL, Gilligan LJ, Koch LG, Britton SL, Najjar SM, Wisløff U (2009) Aerobic interval training vs. continuous moderate exercise in the metabolic syndrome of rats artificially selected for low aerobic capacity. Cardiovasc Res 81:723-32.


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