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Name Schreiber Renate,
Institution Schreiber Renate, Dr.

Institut für Molekulare Biowissenschaften Universität Graz

Address Heinrichstrasse 31/2, 8010
City Graz
Country Austria
O2k-Network Lab AT Graz Zechner R


Topics: Adipose tissue 


Petruzzelli 2014 Cell Metab2014Petruzzelli M, Schweiger M, Schreiber R, Campos-Olivas R, Tsoli M, Allen J, Swarbrick M, Rose-John S, Rincon M, Robertson G, Zechner R, Wagner EF (2014) A switch from white to brown fat increases energy expenditure in cancer-associated cachexia. Cell Metab 20:433-47.
Brahma 2014 J Lipid Res2014Brahma MK, Adam RC, Pollak NM, Jaeger D, Zierler KA, Poecher N, Schreiber R, Romauch M, Moustafa T, Eder S, Ruelicke T, Preiss-Landl K, Lass A, Zechner R, Haemmerle G (2014) Fibroblast growth factor 21 is induced upon cardiac stress and alters cardiac lipid homeostasis. J Lipid Res 55:2229-41.
Sitnick 2013 Diabetes2013Sitnick MT, Basantani MK, Cai L, Schoiswohl G, Yazbeck CF, Distefano G, Ritov V, Delany JP, Schreiber R, Stolz DB, Gardner NP, Kienesberger PC, Pulinilkunnil T, Zechner R, Goodpaster BH, Coen P, Kershaw EE (2013) Skeletal muscle triacylglycerol hydrolysis does not influence metabolic complications of obesity. Diabetes 62:3350-6.


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