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Pesta D

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Name Pesta Dominik, Mag. PhD
Dominik Pesta

German Diabetes Center

Institute for Clinical Diabetology

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Address Auf'm Hennekamp 65, 40225
City Duesseldorf
Country Germany
O2k-Network Lab AT Innsbruck Burtscher M, AT Innsbruck OROBOROS, DE Duesseldorf Roden M


MITOEAGLE Outline Jelenik, Pesta, Roden - Tomas Jelenik, Dominik Pesta, Michael Roden (2016).



Published Reference
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Laursen 2015 Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2015 Laursen WJ, Mastrotto M, Pesta D, Funk OH, Goodman JB, Merriman DK, Ingolia N, Shulman GI, Bagriantsev SN, Gracheva EO (2015) Neuronal UCP1 expression suggests a mechanism for local thermogenesis during hibernation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 112:1607-12.
Aidt 2013 PLoS Curr 2013 Aidt FH, Nielsen SM, Kanters J, Pesta D, Nielsen TT, Nørremølle A, Hasholt L, Christiansen M, Hagen CM (2013) Dysfunctional mitochondrial respiration in the striatum of the Huntington's disease transgenic R6/2 mouse model. PLoS Curr 5. pii:ecurrents.hd.d8917b4862929772c5a2f2a34ef1c201.
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Pesta 2012 Methods Mol Biol 2012
Pesta D, Gnaiger E (2012) High-resolution respirometry. OXPHOS protocols for human cells and permeabilized fibres from small biopsies of human muscle. Methods Mol Biol 810:25-58.
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Published Reference
Hoppel 2015 Abstract MiP2015 2015 Effects of ultramarathon performance on mitochondrial respiration in human platelets.
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Pesta 2011Abstract ACSM 2011 Pesta D, Jacobs R, Macek C, Hoppel F, Faulhaber M, Lundby C, Burtscher M, Gnaiger E, Schocke M (2011) Investigation of muscle metabolism of the quadriceps via high-resolution respirometry and 31P MRS in connection with a 10 week endurance training. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 43: 71
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Pesta 2010 MiP Abstract 2010 Pesta D, Faulhaber M, Burtscher M, Gnaiger E, Schocke M (2010) Investigation of muscle metabolism of the M. quadriceps via 31P MRS and high-resolution respirometry in connection with 10 weeks of strength and endurance training in normoxia and hypoxia. MiP2010.
Pesta 2010 Abstract IOC60 2010 Pesta D, Macek C, Hoppel F, Faulhaber M, Burtscher M, Gnaiger E, Schocke M (2010) The impact of endurance training on muscle oxidative capacity. MiPNet15.10.


Previous address: Department of Radiology, Medical University of Innsbruck, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria


The German Diabetes Center (DDZ) in Düsseldorf has one research focus, which addresses metabolic pathways in various human and animal tissues emphasizing the role of mitochondria in insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes mellitus. The research objectives are to characterize how mitochondrial function, energy, glucose and lipid metabolism change under different physiological and pathophysiological conditions in order to derive potential diagnostic tools and therapeutic targets for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications.
As such, the center has a longstanding reputation in basic, clinical and epidemiological studies in the field of diabetes mellitus and its comorbidities. One key effort of the DDZ is the organization of the German Diabetes Study (GDS), a nationwide long-term prospective multicenter cohort study in patients with new-onset diabetes. This study comprises repetitive detailed phenotyping including anthropometry, insulin secretion and sensitivity testing, biobanks including blood, muscle, skin and adipose tissue specimen, spiroergometry, as well as cognitive and neurological tests. Another long-term study with similar extensive phenotyping including also liver samples addresses the effects of bariatric surgery in obese humans. In addition, research groups at DDZ also examine various transgenic mouse models with altered muscle, liver, and fat metabolism.
Thus, we can provide relevant input into WG 2: MITOEAGLE data repository in muscle and other tissues and WG3: MITOEAGLE data repository on fat tissues and other tissues. With 6 oxygraphs continuously running in our lab, we can further contribute to WG5 MITOEAGLE dissemination and training by organizing scientific meetings and workshops in order to foster collaborative interactions among the member of the COST Action Mitochondrial fitness mapping MITOEAGLE: Evolution - Age - Gender - Lifestyle - Environment.

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