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Name Menze Michael A, Assistant Prof., PhD
Michael Menze

Department of Biological Sciences

Eastern Illinois University

Address 600 Lincoln Ave

2070 Life Sciences BLDG, 61920-3099

City Charleston
State/Province Illinois (IL)
Country USA
O2k-Network Lab US IL Charleston Menze MA, US KY Louisville Menze MA, US LA Baton Rouge Hand SC



Stokich 2014 Cryobiology2014Stokich B, Osgood Q, Grimm D, Moorthy S, Chakraborty N, Menze MA (2014) Cryopreservation of hepatocyte (HepG2) cell monolayers: Impact of trehalose. Cryobiology 69:281-90.
Martinez 2013 Marine Biol2013Martinez E, Menze MA, Torres JJ (2013) Mitochondrial energetics of benthic and pelagic Antarctic teleosts. Marine Biol 160:2813-23.
Menze 2009 J Biol Chem2009Menze MA, Boswell L, Toner M, Hand SC (2009) Occurrence of mitochondrial-targeted LEA gene in animals increases organelle resistance to water stress. J Biol Chem 284:10714-9.


Menze 2013 Abstract MiP20132013Menze MA, Marunde MA, Samarajeewa DA, Anderson J, Li S, Hand SC (2013) Group1 LEA protein ameliorates inhibition of mitochondrial respiration in Drosophila melanogaster Kc167 cells and isolated mitochondria. Mitochondr Physiol Network 18.08.
Hendricks 2013 Abstract MiP20132013Hendricks E, Nathan BP, Menze MA (2013) Bioenergetics of permeabilized and intact nerve cell terminals from ApoE deficient and wild type mice. Mitochondr Physiol Network 18.08.

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