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MITOEAGLE - Verona 15-17 Nov 2016: A roadmap for MITOEAGLE and first steps


        • WG1 - towards unification of concepts and nomenclature:
  • Electron transfer system in MitoPedia: The mitochondrial electron transfer system (ETS) transfers electrons from externally supplied reduced fuel substrates to oxygen. Based on this experimentally oriented definition (see ETS capacity), the ETS consists of (1) the membrane-bound ETS with respiratory complexes located in the inner mt-membrane, (2) TCA cycle and other mt-matrix dehydrogenases generating NADH and succinate, and (3) the transport systems involved in metabolite exchange across the mt-membranes.
  • This definition in mitochondrial physiology differs from that in classical bioenergetics. You may not agree and your input to the discussion is welcome. Please consider: (i) How do you measure ETS capacity? (ii) How do you link measurement and concept of ETS capacity? Then define ETS.
  • More details: »some pages related to ETS.


» Lemieux 2017 bioRxiv


The objective of the MITOEAGLE network is to improve our knowledge on mitochondrial function in health and disease related to Evolution, Age, Gender, Lifestyle and Environment. Every study of mitochondrial (mt) function and disease is faced with EAGLE as the essential background conditions characterizing the individual patient, subject, study group, species, tissue or even cell line.
To address the complex interrelationships of EAGLE with an initial focus on humans and rodent models, the network will enhance the value of each individual study by starting to analyse and catalog data beyond the published record. Highlighting the topic of gender and mitochondrial function, unique new information will emerge on human biology from the development of a European reference database. Protocols, technologies and standard procedures will be compared and strategies defined for improvement of quality control. An inter-laboratory ring test will be established as a world-wide innovation in the field of mitochondrial respiratory physiology.
The expertise gained and new standards developed will be integrated into a strategic dissemination and education programme for mitochondrial phenotyping, aiming at an expanding European and MitoGlobal EAGLE network where researchers collaborate on mapping mitochondrial physiology and medicine, complementary to established mtDNA databases.
» e-COST:Memorandum of Understanding ~ 2016-02-26

Beyond agreement

Elisa Calabria Elisa Calabria, Vice chair: By sharing, we get stronger.
Erich Gnaiger Erich Gnaiger, Chair: With a taste of Gentle Science.


MITOEAGLE Working Groups
        • Improving our knowledge on mitochondrial function in health and disease with regard to Evolution, Age, Gender, Lifestyle and Environment.
        • Interrelating results of studies performed world-wide with the help of a MITOEAGLE data management system.
        • Providing standardized measures to link mitochondrial and physiological performance to understand the myriad of factors that play a role in mitochondrial physiology.

» More details: COST Action MITOEAGLE
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The objective of the MITOEAGLE network is to improve our knowledge on mitochondrial function in health and disease related to Evolution, Age, Gender, Lifestyle and Environment.

Abbreviation: MITOEAGLE

Reference: MITOEAGLE



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