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Name Lee Hong Kyu, MD, PhD, Prof.
Hong Kyu Lee

Department of Internal Medicine

Eulji University College of Medicine

Address Hangulbiseok-Gil 14, Hagye-Dong, Nowon-Gu, 139-711
City Seoul
Country Korea (South)
Email hongkyu414@googlemail.com
O2k-Network Lab KR Seoul Lee HK

Labels: Field of research: Basic, Clinical 


Lim 2009 PlosOne2009Lim S, Ahn SY, Song IC, Chung MH, Jang HC, Park KS, Lee KU, Pak YMK, Lee HK (2009) Chronic exposure to the herbicide, atrazine, causes mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance. PLoS One 4:e5186.


Lee 2013 Abstract MiP20132013Lee HK (2013) Building the mitochondrial medicine; need to define mtDNA variations and its function. Mitochondr Physiol Network 18.08.

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