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Name Kilbaugh Todd,
Institution Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Address , PA 19104
City Philadelphia
State/Province Pennsylvania (PA)
Country US
O2k-Network Lab US PA Philadelphia Margulies S


Topics: Traumatic Brain Injury and other CNS disease processes 


Karlsson 2016 Shock2016Karlsson M, Hara N, Morata S, Sjövall F, Kilbaugh T, Hansson MJ, Uchino H, Elmér E (2016) Diverse and tissue-specific mitochondrial respiratory response in a mouse model of sepsis-induced multiple organ failure. Shock 45:404-10.
Margulies 2015 Brain Pathol2015Margulies SS, Kilbaugh T, Sullivan S, Smith C, Propert K, Byro M, Saliga K, Costine BA, Duhaime AC (2015) Establishing a clinically relevant large animal model platform for TBI therapy development: using Cyclosporin A as a case study. Brain Pathol 25:289-303.


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