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Name Jeger Victor,
Institution Dept. of Intensive Care Medicine (KIM),

Universitätsspital Bern (Inselspital)

Address Freiburgstasse Pav. 52B, 3010
City Bern
Country Switzerland
O2k-Network Lab CH Bern Djafarzadeh S



Jeger 2015 BioMed Res Internat2015Jeger V, Brandt S, Porta F, Jakob SM, Takala J, Djafarzadeh S (2015) Dose response of Endotoxin on hepatocyte and muscle mitochondrial respiration in vitro. BioMed Res Internat Article ID 353074:1-13.
Correa 2014 Crit Care Med2014Corrêa TD, Jeger V, Pereira AJ, Takala J, Djafarzadeh S, Jakob SM (2014) Angiotensin II in septic shock: effects on tissue perfusion, organ function, and mitochondrial respiration in a porcine model of fecal peritonitis. Crit Care Med 42:e550-9.
Jeger 2013 Abstracts of ESICM LIVES 20132013Jeger V, Steinmann M, Takala J, Jakob SM, Djafarzadeh S (2013) TLR-2-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in cultured human hepatocytes. Abstracts of ESICM LIVES 2013
Jeger 2013 Eur J Clin Invest2013Jeger V, Djafarzadeh S, Jakob SM, Takala J (2013) Mitochondrial function in sepsis. Eur J Clin Invest 43:532-42.


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