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Mitochondrial Global Network

MitoGlobal provides a world-wide information platform for scientific mitochondrial organizations and mitochondrial research consortia




Mitochondrial Global Network - the world-wide information platform for mitochondrial organizations

Lucni Bouda
MiPArt by Odra Noel
Mitochondrial Physiology Conference MiP2015, Sep 7-11
MiPschool Greenville 2015: Erich Gnaiger, Verena Laner, Carolina Doerrier, Ashley Busada, P. Darrell Neufer

» Three MiPschools 2015: Cape Town, London, Greenville

» MiP2014 Book of Abstracts Open Access


The Mitochondrial Global Network (MitoGlobal; [2]) shall be a

MitoGlobal should be of interest to mitochondrial organizations, and the members of these individual organizations should see their interests covered in the Mitochondrial Global Network.


MitoGlobal - the Mitochondrial Global Network - aims at providing a world-wide information platform for scientific mitochondrial organizations and mitochondrial research consortia.


Abbreviation: MitoGlobal


MitoPedia topics: MitoGlobal Organizations 


Work in progress:

Basic mitochondrial research

Clinical mitochondrial research and mitochondrial medicine

Mitochondria and the patient

Mitochondria, education, and public awareness

MitoGlobal implementation

We would like to ask mitochondrial societies to discuss the MitoGlobal proposal at their general meetings, and to provide your input and critical assessment for the joint improvement of the MitoGlobal proposal. Your feedback will be summarized here. You can enter your feedback directly, and add to the discussion.


Chairpersons and their representatives of societies for mitochondrial research and medicine organizations.

Financial basis

If the concept of MitoGlobal is supported by a critical number of mitochondrial organizations, a concept must then be developed to generate a financial basis. A MitoGlobal budget requires the founding of a legal society. The following sources might be considered:

References and notes

  1. The discussion on MitoGlobal was initiated by --Erich Gnaiger at the occasion of the 8th Conference of Asian Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (ASMRM), and 11th Conference of Japanese Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (J-mit), Kagoshima, Japan. Some time was given to the discussion of MitoGlobal at the 8th Conference on Mitochondria Physiology, MiP2011, Bordeaux, France and at the 1st Annual Conference of the Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine - India (1st SMRM). At Bioblast 2012, Keith Garlid suggested to switch from 'Global Mitochondrial Network' to 'Mitochondrial Global Network'.
Disclaimer: Dr. Erich Gnaiger is chairman of the Mitochondrial Physiology Society. E. Gnaiger is also founder and director or OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS. The Bioblast wiki website is based on the free wikimedia software, and is initiated in the spirit of Gentle Science.
2. History of MitoGlobal
3. Bioblast alert 2014(01): 2014-02-12, 2014(02): 2014-04-18; Bioblast alert 2013(01): 2013-07-08; Bioblast alert 2012(08): 2012-12-18
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