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Name Byro Melissa,
Institution University of Pennsylvania

Department of Bioengineering

Address 220 S. 33rd St

390 Towne Building SSM, PA 19104

City Philadelphia
State/Province Pennsylvania (PA)
Country US
O2k-Network Lab US PA Philadelphia Margulies S



Margulies 2015 Brain Pathol2015Margulies SS, Kilbaugh T, Sullivan S, Smith C, Propert K, Byro M, Saliga K, Costine BA, Duhaime AC (2015) Establishing a clinically relevant large animal model platform for TBI therapy development: using Cyclosporin A as a case study. Brain Pathol 25:289-303.
Kilbaugh 2015 Exp Neurol2015Kilbaugh TJ, Karlsson M, Byro M, Bebee A, Ralston J, Sullivan S, Duhaime AC, Hansson MJ, Elmér E, Margulies SS (2015) Mitochondrial bioenergetic alterations after focal traumatic brain injury in the immature brain. Exp Neurol 271:136-144.


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