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Published Reference
Boyle 2012 Brain Res 2012 Boyle JP, Hettiarachchi NT, Wilkinson JA, Pearson HA, Scragg JL, Lendon C, Al-Owais MM, Kim CB, Myers DM, Warburton P, Peers C (2012) Cellular consequences of the expression of Alzheimer's disease-causing presenilin 1 mutations in human neuroblastoma (SH-SY5Y) cells. Brain Res 1443: 75-88.
Debska 2001 Brain Res 2001 Debska G, May R, Kicinska A, Swewczyk A, Elger C, Kunz WS (2001) Potassium channel openers depolarize hippocampal mitochondria. Brain Res 892: 42-50.
Kunz 1999 Brain Res 1999 Kunz WS, Goussakov IV, Beck H, Elger CE (1999) Altered mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in hippocampal slices of kainate-treated rats. Brain Res 826: 236-242.

Brain Research

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